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About Us

Bombs Away! Comedy is a comedy production company located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We produce weekly comedy shows at The Comet, a legendary dive-bar in the Northside neighborhood.  


We bring in the nation's best touring comedians (along with our local favorites) and provide a comedy club experience in one of the best venues in the city.  No matter where you live in Cincinnati, one of the country’s best independent comedy clubs is not too far away!

When you come to a Bombs Away Comedy show, you’ll see rising Cincinnati comic talent and exclusive shows with touring comedians. Since 2014, Bombs Away Comedy has produced hundreds of shows with comedians like Bobcat Goldthwait, Moses Storm, Eddie Pepitone, Joe DeRosa, Robert Kelly, and Stavros Halkias. 


Check out our calendar and get your tickets! 

Stepping up to the mic?

Bombs Away audiences LOVE comedy and they show it. If you’re looking a spot on an open mic, we have opportunities for shows every week - submit your info to perform.


Touring comedian? If you’re passing through Cincinnati, reach out to us and see about our showcase dates. We have multiple rooms around the city - if you have jokes, we know people who want to hear them.

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