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Lee Kimbrell : Ring in the New Year with Laughs

Updated: Apr 30

Comedian Lee Kimbrell Live at Bombs Away! Comedy @ The Comet


Looking for an intimate comedy club experience near you in Cincinnati? Bombs Away! Comedy operates as a comedy club inside legendary music venue The Comet. Each week we host the nation's best touring comedians, regional, and local comedians providing a unique comedy club experience in the heart of Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Hailing from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, Lee Kimbrell has called Cincinnati home for 8 years. He grew up listening to his family, and their odd assortment of neerdowell associates, rattle off stories and street jokes far too crass for a young boy's ears. He truly, deeply, sincerely, wants you to forget about your worries and live in the moment while watching him perform.

Featuring Local Favorites Billy DeVore, Alex Schubert, Naomi Fitter, and Karinne Turnbow

Hosted By Wayne Memmott



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