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What's New in 2023?

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Hey y’all, Wayne here, the owner of Bombs Away! Comedy. In 2023 one of our goals is to connect specifically with our audience members and comedians. We started a blog last year, with very little writing, but one of the ways we’d like to connect is through our blog. Our first major change of 2023 is that we are developing our blog to become a tool to stay connected to Cincinnati comedy through blog posts including:

  • Get Started Sunday - A series talking about how to get started in Stand Up Comedy.

  • Cincinnati Comedian Spotlight - Highlighting the best comedians Cincinnati has to offer.

  • Bombs Away Comedy Updates - Updates on new shows, exclusive shows, which will all be posted on our blog first.

  • Writing from Comedians - We plan to have regular comedian contributors

Let’s consider this one a Bombs Away Comedy Update.

First a review of 2022…

What a year it was. We opened Bombs Away Comedy Club inside The Comet here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently we operate every Saturday, with our Comedy show ‘Helltown’. We started ‘Helltown’ in March, featuring a new lineup of comedians weekly, here in Cincinnati. It has become known as one of the best comedy shows in Cincinnati by comedians and audience member’s alike. We have gotten to work with some of my favorite personal comedians, including Dave Stone, Graham Elwood, Cy Amundson, and Stewart Huff. These comedians generally work Comedy clubs, and to have them come to our show validates the move to open a comedy club in Cincinnati. As exciting as it is to have big name comedians, the true highlight is the new talent we have discovered. We focus hard to bring in new and emerging comedic talent, because Cincinnati is a comedy town and there is a thirst to find the next great comedians.

New in 2023

2022 was a huge year for us, but 2023 is shaping up to be transformative for us. Our first major news is ‘Helltown’, our weekly comedy show at the Comet, is going to 2 shows a night! Attendance has been incredible, with a majority of shows the past 4 months being sold out. Every Saturday we will feature 1 headliner and 3 feature acts at 7:30 and 9:45, allowing more people to fit our comedy show into their Saturday night plans. Speaking of Helltown, when we started the comedy show, we decided on a model of letting people make reservations and pay what they feel is fair for tickets at the door. The generosity from our audience members has been overflowing, and we are incredibly grateful for the donations we have received. The biggest piece of feedback we received is that our model was slightly confusing for the casual comedy fan. Most comedy shows simply charge a ticket price, and people are able to plan their night out to see a comedy show in Cincinnati. One of our biggest obstacles using this model has been seating. We have had some shows that ‘sold out’ of reservations, and we have less than 1/2 of the reservations show up. We don’t feel comfortable over selling a show, our nightmare is having people show up with a reservation and not having a seat for them. In order to address our biggest feedback and obstacles, we have decided to move away from the donation based model, and simply charge a ticket price for the show. We looked at a few things when deciding on a ticket price.

  • What was the average donation amount from the last 10 months per guest?

  • What does it cost for a comparable comedy show in Cincinnati, and surrounding cities?

  • What does it cost for comparable live entertainment in Cincinnati?

After all of these factors we have decided on a price of $10 a ticket, and $20 a ticket for special engagements. This places our ticket price as a value in the market, and matches the average donation of $10 per guest over the past 10 months. If you join our Mailing List, we will send out a monthly discount code for subscribers only to save on tickets to ‘Helltown’ and our other shows. Along with developing Helltown and Bombs Away! Comedy club in 2023, we plan to build “Bombs Away! Comedy Presents” a series of comedy shows in Cincinnati at your favorite bars and breweries. These will be one time, limited events, bringing comedy to your backyard all over Cincinnati. If you have a favorite bar or Cincinnati institution you would like to host a comedy show at, please reach out to us. We already have 2 shows planned for February, tickets will be announced here. I am so excited for 2023, and thankful for all of the people we have connected with in 2022. Cincinnati is a comedy town and we plan to be a big reason behind that in the coming year.

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